The largest Metro radiant, and the biggest fire in the Metro LTD Series. The LTD Mega Rad features a huge firebox with solid 10mm cook top to match. Huge 600mm landscape door glass provides the perfect flame view to enjoy on those cold winter nights. The unique firebox design offers longer burn times ensuring winter warmth, cooking and water heating are all dominant features of this model. Either a 3 or 4kW wetback can be fitted to assist with your water heating requirements. 24kW’s of peak heat output will keep the largest of homes warm and comfortable.


About Us

Based in Bay of Plenty and Waikato Region, Warmfloors is proudly owned and operated by Kurt Montague. At Warmfloors, we’re proud to have grown a team of certified plumber and gas fitter who are hardworking, experienced and accomplished experts in the industry over the past 15 years.